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There are many brothels in various Nevada counties - but in Clark County, Nevada where Las Vegas is located - there are none. Contrary to popular belief, prostitution and brothels are illegal in Las Vegas. The closest brothels to Las Vegas are in Nye County which is approximately 62 miles from the city of Las Vegas.

If you plan to visit one of the legal brothels while visiting Las Vegas then be aware of a couple of key facts - If you take a limousine, party bus, or taxi cab to Nye County you need to know that the driver responsible for getting you there is paid a 30% to 40% commission based on what you spend - this means that the price to you - the brothel customer - is raised sky high to compensate. It is not un-common for the brothel girls to charge you $2000 to $5000 per hour to compensate for driver kickbacks.

Hot Vegas Escort is not a mobile brothel - nor is it a prostitution supporter or provider of independent Las Vegas escorts. What we provide is fully nude adult entertainment delivered to your hotel room - home - or place of business. We have truly earned our reputation as being among the top outcall providers in the Las Vegas area.

You are always welcome to be nude along with the entertainer and touching is never out of the question.

If you are seeking good old fashioned nude adult entertainment performed in private by gorgeous female dancers - then please give us a call - we know what you want - and know how to provide it.

The girls always offer a no pressure environment & no obligation visit. This means that if - for any reason - you do not like the entertainer that shows up at your door - just let her know and she will leave quietly - no pressure.

Discretion is always realized and respected when choosing to spend time with our girls.

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