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Trying to determine what the actual rates are when hiring Las Vegas escorts can be intimidating and confusing for some. You should always ask very specific rate questions when seeking specific answers - although all the direct questions in the world can still yield very vague answers.

Escorts in Las Vegas are usually hesitant to quote exact rates because conditions almost always change. When inquiring to an escort service about rates the normal range is around $250 per hour - per girl requested - plus tips based on performance requested.

Escorts will normally discuss their choices of shows & nude performances they are specialized in providing - but definitely appreciate tips based on the quality - unusualness - and length of their show.

The rates quoted never lock in any obligation to pay for anything if you are not fully pleased with the appearance or attitude of the escort that shows up at your door. Saying no thank you in any escort situation is never an issue - she will simply turn around and walk away quietly - no questions asked.

Always remember that to an escort you are an individual - with individual tastes and desires. If you would like to be treated as an individual then try and be flexible and open-minded to the rates presented to you.

If you want to deal with cookie cutter type escort services that will quote you a base price for basic services - then basic services is all you will get - which usually means a quick hello - a peek at some booby - and a very quick goodbye so they can move on to their next 11 minute call. But if you keep an open mind and like to request more adventurous services - the rewards will be great.

Hot Vegas Escort is surely one of the more adventurous services in Las Vegas. We will never treat you like a number - we will never answer your questions dishonestly - and we will never disappoint in any situation. What we will do is provide you with an experience that will only serve to enhance your Las Vegas visit - you will leave here with memories that will last forever...Promise.

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