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Hot Vegas Escort is an outcall - or escort agency - which means that the adult entertainers you will find here are not independent in the nature of their business.

There are many conflicting opinions when considering service escorts versus independent escorts. For a moment, an independent Las Vegas escort may seem like the obvious choice - being that they are free from the rules and regulation standards of an escort service.

An independent Las Vegas escort does not need to check in with anyone - and they do not have to check out with anyone to keep track of their time spent with you.

Most importantly of all - they do not have to pay an agency fee - which means they keep 100% of the money you pay them. Although this by no means suggests you will pay less. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Now for a second let's look at the potential downside to escorts working independently in Las Vegas.

When a new escort signs on with an escort service - they are required to have a background check done & get a sheriff's card in order to begin working. They are also required to be of a certain stature and demeanor as to provide only the finest experience to every client - bad looks and service equal no return business.   

This is not the case with independent Las Vegas escorts. There can never be any guarantee that these lone escorts are reputable in any way - and if something like this were to happen - who exactly are you going to hold responsible?

One thing is for certain - no entertainer would choose not to have a sheriff's card, because having one would mean they are of clean background - and will almost always bring better clients - which will equal more money for the escort.

Most girls who do not have this proof of reliability are not able to have it.

Now compare this scenario to dancers at a licensed escort service - who retains records as to every entertainers background and contact information. How far do you think an escort will get after an incident when all this information is readily available? How many bad incidents do you think happen when every escort knows their personal information is so accessible?

The absolute bottom line about independent vs. service based Las Vegas escorts is this:

  • Escort service workers strive to do a better job because they are accountable to their service.

  • If escort service girls do not do a good job for their agency, they are not given any more business - and a good agency can provide vast amounts of lucrative business to a good quality entertainer.

  • Agency escorts are reputable enough to aquire clean background reports & provide current contact information.

  • Independent Las Vegas escorts are accountable to no one in the event of an unfortunate incident.

  • Do yourself a favor and think twice before dealing with an independent escort - especially in Las Vegas.
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