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Nevada became the 36th state in 1864 & began it's history of escorts in Las Vegas[1] around the same time.Nevada has 35 licensed bordello houses in 17 counties currently.

Historically, Nevada brothels existed as boarding houses in the mid 1900's. These houses contained rooms in the rear, called cribs. These "cribs" were small private rooms where escorts would meet and transact business with their customers. The female escorts provided comfort, socilization, and sex. Their services extended saftey in a way to other women by reducing rape.

Parlors started cropping up and bawdy houses became popular.The escorts of these houses charged a fee for entertainment in the privacy of her room. The owner usually a madam made most of the money. The working woman spent hers as fast as she made it in most cases. Most of the women working in a brothel were prohibited from frequenting the bars and casinos or associating with men outside of work. These regulations were dropped in 1984. Most brothels dont allow the girls to leave the premises during work, which may vary from days to weeks. Working class men, as well as famous celebrities & powerful political figures are known to have frequented escorts in Las Vegas, and in other escort friendly locations around the world.

Nevada does allow some legal prostitution. legal brothels are heavily regulated by the state, especially where health issues are concerned. Prostitution outside of a brothel is a misdemeanor and only in Clark County is prostitution prohibited by state law. This law was passed in 1971, based on population numbers. The History of Las Vegas escorts in the red light districts date back to the time Las Vegas was founded in 1905. Some red light districts were ordered closed by the county commissioners on the grounds they were too close to the church.

Since the creation of the territory in 1861, Nevada has always supported brothel prostitution. this contributes greatly to the history of escorts in Las Vegas. In 1871 a bill was introduced that would have made prostitution legal statewide. The bill passed by a large margin in the assembly, but didnt make it through the senate. The concern it seemed was for the health of the women.

One of the biggest obstacles to these houses was location. keeping a distance of at least 400ft from churches & schools kept these houses off the beaten path and out of plain sight.The DA and sheriff were responsible for enforcing the brothel laws.

In the late 1800's, the Comstock mining boom occured in Nevada. This brought the discoveries of new minerals, as well as prospectors, miners, and a very strong demand for women. Around Virginia City, half way between Carson City and Reno, the ladies of the evening were a definate part of escorts making history. Julia Bulette [2] was one such woman. Julia was a Nevada silver camp crib girl who worked her way to success. Julia's Palace which may have been just a two room crib, brought this Gal easily a grand a night, so the legend goes. She was brutally murdered in 1867 ending her career in her early thirties. When she passed, the mills and mines shut down for the day to honor her. Thousands showed up at her funeral, she was so well loved. Mark Twain a well known friend of hers attended not only her funeral but, also the execution of her murderer. They hanged John Millian April 24, 1868.

When the 1900's rolled around mining slowly began to fade. Goldfeild in Tonopah had its boom from 1903 to 1918. There again creating the need for boarding houses. Approximately 500 women worked during that time as companions that charged a fee for their time and services.

Las Vegas had its own Red Light District near downtown, known as "Block 16". From 1930 to 1942 the Railroad had set aside a designated area of two blocks,16 and 17 for alcohol consumption, which opened the doors for other activities as well.

The high class Arizona club had been sold in 1912. The new owner built a second floor to accommodate a bordello, known as "The Queen of Block 16".[3] This area was enjoyed by the construction workers of the Hoover Dam. This was the only area gambling, prostitution and alcohol were allowed openly. In the 1920s during prohibition the saloons on "Block 16" operated in secrecy, selling alcohol and quite possibly sex. These were known as speakeasies.

During world War l and World War ll, the Feds had directed Nevada and other states to keep military personnel away by suppressing all prostitution around the military bases and installations. While the brothels were closed down during wartime, prostitution continued as hot and heavy as ever before. Brothel owners & escorts had to be as secretive as possible because they were operating without regulation from the Feds.The prohibition of alcohol didnt work, neither will creating laws to prohibit prostitution.

Nevada is a state that believes in personel rights and freedom. Most people know prostitution is legal in Nevada, escort companionship continues to be a huge tourist attraction in Nevada. A law enacted in 1979 had forbidden the printed advertising of brothels in the counties that outlawed the houses of prostition in Nevada. This has been recently overturned by the American Civil Liberties Union, the guardian of liberty. This nonprofit, nonpatisian organization has enabled legal Nevada brothels to print advertisments legally, thus ensuring freedom and free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States and the Bill of Rights[4] It is apparent prostituion in Nevada is not going away and escorts in Las Vegas are continuing to make history.

Written by Susan M. Ferguson
March 25, 2008

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