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The true number of escorts & other adult industry workers that are actually out there working comes to light only after an embarassing episode involving some politition or celebrity somewhere. The fact is that escorts & other adult industry workers are out there, whether in the news or not. Many of the women, and men, in all forms of adult businesses, are of very solid backgrounds and are extremely well educated. So the question is; are any of the presidential candidates appealing to this very underestimated group of potential voters? Do we know if escorts, strippers, and other adult industry workers even vote?

On the surface it would appear that most mainstream Americans shy away from interacting with the good people in the adult industry. Shouldn't someone take the time to find out what their needs & expectations are for the country?

Escorts in Las Vegas alone have been reported to number in the thousands. This estimate does not include the strippers, porn actors, adult film production workers, or adult magazine retailers that number in the tens of thousands.

The point is that collectively across America, adult industry workers can be counted in the hundreds of thousands [1]. The vast majority of which are good American folks who have great ideas & strong voices. We need to welcome these ideas and voices into every aspect of the voting process without fear of finger pointing or judgement [2]. These are real working people who see the world from a unique angle, an angle that every one of us should be aware of...especially the leaders of our country.


Written 3/29/08 By Big B.

All Rights Reserved

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