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The History of Bachelor Parties

As far as history cites - bachelor parties began around the fifth century in the Greek city of Sparta. The comrade to be wed would enjoy an evening of toasting, drinking, and feasting with his fellow soldiers - traditionally the night before the wedding.

In Europe the stag night is comparable to the bachelor party dating back to Roman times{1} These get togethers are a chance for males to bond and have one last blow out before the big wedding day. It's about the bachelor being able to have one last taste of freedom, that may include some activities the new wife won't allow after they're hitched.{2}

The usual party includes - and is not limited to - drinking, dinning, bar hopping, and yes - perhaps even a strip club party!! Las Vegas is a very popular destination for such affairs, and not only for a one nighter. Many guys are going for a weekend retreat. Other activites are becoming more of a trend as well, such as golfing, paint ball, cigar lounges, and health spas.

One guy wrote in a thread about having a stripper at the party - "theres always time for dancing girls". Now the big thing is the lesbian shows - not one girl - but two or three! WOW! Some men may or may not hire strippers or escorts, but many would reply that they are out for the time of their life before tying the knot.[2]

Organizing a calm quiet get together for male bonding, having nonalcoholic beverages and mini little sandwiches is not a bachelor party, its more like a tea party!

Eric Staal of the hurricanes - and his younger brother Jordan Staal player for the penguins - were arrested for playing loud music, yelling, screaming, and underage drinking . Seems like they are definately keeping the bachelor party alive and well - contributing to the history of it all. Most men still want the excitement of having an over the top bachelor party, with strippers and all.

A Do And Don't List:

  • Do Plan ahead, maybe a weekend destination is right for your group, [think a little recovery as you go along].
  • Don't plan the party in familiar hang outs, everyone will talk after the party is over.
  • Do find out if a stripper is allowed.
  • Don't let your friends talk you into being the stripper.
  • Do plan on getting money from everyone who agrees to be a part of the adventure, up front!
  • Do remove the cell phone from the groom, perhaps one quick reassuring chat with the bride to be, then off with the phone!
  • Don't let the groom call the bride at any time after the party has started.
  • Do pace the guest of honor, the point is to have a lasting party, one the groom will remember.
  • Don't particpate in dangerous sports like bungee jumping or skydiving until someone else does it first.
  • Do wear a good pair of sport shoes to your party, if for any reason you have to run like hell or walk for miles you'll be set.
  • Don't get too carried away, depending on where you are, this could land you in jail. Your woman will be pissed at having to bail you out.
  • Do Take a cab or limo, since everyone will be in the party mode.
  • Don't allow pictures or movies beig shot during the party, You Know, You Tube!!
  • Do make sure the groom has time to sleep it off for a few hours, so he can make it to the wedding on time.
  • Don't use permanent marker to write obcenities on the grooms face while he is sleeping.
  • Do keep the details of the party from the bride, no need to interrupt marital bliss.
  • Do make sure the Man of the Hour has the best party of his single life.

And for all the single guys, dont ask the woman youve been seeing for the past few months to get married just so you can have another bachelor party!

  • One last Do...Make your own Bachelor Party History.

The following credit is due to 1.) 2.)

By Susan Ferguson Jun 2008

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